Our cashmere products became much loved by all which led us to opening our first retail store in Toorak. From then on, the business has been growing, thriving and serving customers for more than 17 years.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Purchased a cashmere jumper of high quality. The staff member was very friendly + attentive and helped me select the perfect outfit.
— Midori Miyawaki
Customer reviews
Absolutely thrilled with my purchases. It came with a lovely silk gift , which is just as beautiful as the cashmere cardigans I purchased. If you are looking for a luxury gift for someone special, I can highly recommend Cashmere and Silk at The Glen.
— Sheila John
Customer reviews
Before yesterday, took my friends to the shop. They bought 3 cashmere jumpers, very high quality, and good services.
— TGNPlayz

We're proud of what we do

We are renowned for providing the finest cashmere knit wear and accessories, whose origin is from the mountain goats of Mongolia plateau near the Gobi Desert.

100% pure cashmere

The premium quality cashmere is much warmer than regular wool in light weight. Mongolia Cashmere has provided the cashmere products that have long-lasting fibers as well as timeless style.

17 years of experience

I have been in the cashmere industry for 17 years and have been working in retail and wholesale operations for more than a decade, learning and figuring out cashmere, which makes our operation team's execution starting point will be higher.

Pure cashmere

Men's Collection

All-natural, 100% cashmere, this incredibly versatile, polo-neck jumper makes for a clever, new-season buy. Easy to dress up for work or down at the weekend.