Lady & Men's 40% Cashmere & 60% Wool Scarf

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This super warm scarf is an ideal suit for anyone both for lady and men- no matter your style. Made from our high quality Cashmere and wool blend it will keep you protected against the cold and damp of the winter. Ideal for layering and available in 5 colours you are sure to find your perfect match.

Nursing care style

This stylish and high-quality pocket cardigan is an absolute essential for all the season. It's an absolute fashion statement compared to basic and classic cardigans.

We're proud of what we do

We are renowned for providing the finest cashmere knit wear and accessories, whose origin is from the mountain goats of Mongolia plateau near the Gobi Desert.

Soften your whole being

In a material world of sharp edges, we are becoming increasingly hardened, but in the colder winter months, being wrapped in a cashmere garment that is as soft as a baby's skin can soften your whole being. And for our families, we want them to be treated gently.

Everyone deserves better

While we insist on specialising only in cashmere, we also promote couture, choosing your favourite style, colour and design, and we are only responsible for creating a 100% pure cashmere garment for you. In a world of similarities and differences, it is always important to be the most special you can be. We've heard that this winter is going to be extra cold, and apart from cashmere, what we want to create for you is an exclusive warmth and softness.