Cashmere is a precious textile material made from rare and special animal fibre. In recent years’ cashmere has increasingly grown in popularity and is featured more and more in our lives. But, do you know why cashmere is so special? And how does it differ from wool?

Soft and Warm
Compared to wool and other woollen products, cashmere is more soft and delicate, making it an ideal choice to keep you warm in the cold winter months. Experts say that cashmere is one of the finest animal fibres, for example Albers cashmere is generally between 13 and 15.5 micrometres in fineness, producing a smooth luxurious feel. Additionally, due to the thin airy layer between fibres, it is also lighter in weight compared to wool.

According to researchers, cashmere is 1.5-2 times warmer than wool, because of its high natural curl, it can be closely aligned and holds well in spinning and weaving, hence providing you with that additional warmth.

Gentle Colour
The greatest difference between cashmere and wool is its colour. Cashmere has a more natural and soft colour compared to the coarse colour of wool. Cashmere is also characterised by its uniformed fine fibres, low density and other moisture absorbing properties, meaning it absorbs dyes more effectively and is less likely to fade than wool. Cashmere has a natural lustre, and soft pure colour, which is why cashmere is so popular and why so many people choose cashmere sweaters for the winter.

Great Elasticity
Cashmere is characterised by strong elasticity and great flexibility; which other fibres are unmatched to. As cashmere fibres have a higher crimp number, crimp rate and crimp recovery, it feels more plump and soft after processing, and therefore no matter what the final product is, it will have excellent elasticity. It is because of these characteristics that cashmere clothing is more comfortable and natural to wear.

The most important thing is that cashmere products do not shrink after many washes and will retain their shape very well. This is the easiest way to distinguish between cashmere and wool products.

The curl of cashmere is usually greater than that of wool. Because of the higher crimp factors of cashmere, it produces a fuller, softer and more elastic material, which is especially suited to those who have high-quality clothing requirements.

Cashmere has many special characteristics, the most important of which is its warmth and shape retention. Whether it’s cashmere sweaters or trousers, they are the ideal choice for your winter.
June 19, 2021

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