01 WHO

I have been in the cashmere industry for 17 years and have been working in retail and wholesale operations for more than a decade, learning and figuring out cashmere, which makes our operation team's execution starting point will be higher.    

02 HOW

In the first two tweets, we started to disseminate the basic knowledge of fabrics in order to make a point that "cashmere is a very valuable fabric for clothing". Many of our customers resonated with us and shared their failures in buying other brands of cashmere, hoping we could include them in our case studies to 'educate' people. While we are happy to share and popularise, we don't feel that 'skinning' products from the same industry and stepping on other people's shoulders is the right way to market. Our knowledge is not industry insider knowledge, but answers that the average consumer can find through search engines. We want everyone to have a more professional view of what they are looking for. 


We have discussed "market positioning" several times, and we feel that the "quality of life" segment, which is commonly used by brands, is correct but not precise. Who doesn't want quality of life? If you have the financial means to do so, you should be tempted to buy premium products. So who exactly would want to buy cashmere clothing? Perhaps it is you, who is as soft as cashmere at heart. In a material world of sharp edges, we are becoming increasingly hardened, but in the colder winter months, being wrapped in a cashmere garment that is as soft as a baby's skin can soften your whole being. And for our families, we want them to be treated gently.

04 WHY

Everyone deserves better, and while we insist on specialising only in cashmere, we also promote couture, choosing your favourite style, colour and design, and we are only responsible for creating a 100% pure cashmere garment for you. In a world of similarities and differences, it is always important to be the most special you can be. We've heard that this winter is going to be extra cold, and apart from cashmere, what we want to create for you is an exclusive warmth and softness. Thank you to everyone who has read this far, this year's Mother's Day cashmere is the warmest gift for your mum.

If you're in need of a warm cashmere garment, we're always here, so keep an eye on us: Cashmere & Silk

June 29, 2021

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