Big neck long Sweater

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    Color card Color name Color code
    Black XL054
    Sky Blue XL119
    Murky Blue XL161
    Mix Blue XL032
    Royal Blue XL025
    Navy Blue XL091
    Blue XL113
    Dark Blue XL019
    Red XL017
    Orange XL047
    Cherry Red XL018
    Pink XL045
    Baby Pink XL029
    Hot Pink XL060
    Murky Grey XL066
    Light Grey XL051
    Dark Grey XL112
    Grey XL110
    Blue Grey XL032
    Dark Green XL077
    Forest Green XL058
    Green XL020
    Peacock Green XL073
    Lime Green XL130
    Oil Green XL023
    Mix Beige XL041
    Light Beige XL038
    Beige XL040
    Purple XL114
    Dark Purple XL027
    Baby Purple XL004
    Light Yellow XL005
    Golden Yellow XL008
    Chocolate XL050
    Cream XL001
    Megenta XL014
    Camel XL076
    Burgndy XL127

    This 100% cashmere cowl neck is as warm and cosy as it is soft and superb. It will slot seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe, and stay there for years to come! Find you favorite today, and fall in love forever!

    Nursing care style

    This stylish and high-quality pocket cardigan is an absolute essential for all the season. It's an absolute fashion statement compared to basic and classic cardigans.

    We're proud of what we do

    We are renowned for providing the finest cashmere knit wear and accessories, whose origin is from the mountain goats of Mongolia plateau near the Gobi Desert.

    Soften your whole being

    In a material world of sharp edges, we are becoming increasingly hardened, but in the colder winter months, being wrapped in a cashmere garment that is as soft as a baby's skin can soften your whole being. And for our families, we want them to be treated gently.

    Everyone deserves better

    While we insist on specialising only in cashmere, we also promote couture, choosing your favourite style, colour and design, and we are only responsible for creating a 100% pure cashmere garment for you. In a world of similarities and differences, it is always important to be the most special you can be. We've heard that this winter is going to be extra cold, and apart from cashmere, what we want to create for you is an exclusive warmth and softness.