Essential Cashmere Product Knowledge and Tips- Lesson 1 - Cashmere & Silk

5 Important Cashmere Facts You Must Know

We found that there are still a lot of misconceptions about cashmere and cashmere products on the Internet, so this Q&A post is to provide answers and help you get the right perception towards cashmere.
October 21, 2021 — Christine Yip
Exclusive Warmth and Softness Customization - Cashmere & Silk

Exclusive Warmth and Softness

I have been in the cashmere industry for 17 years and have been working in retail and wholesale operations for more than a decade, learning and figuring out cashmere, which makes our operation team's execution starting point will be higher.
June 29, 2021 — Christine Yip
The Difference Between Cashmere and Wool? - Cashmere & Silk

4 Ultimate Differences Between Cashmere and Wool

Cashmere is a precious textile material made from rare and special animal fibre. In recent years’ cashmere has increasingly grown in popularity and is featured more and more in our lives. But, do you know why cashmere is so special? And how does it differ from wool?
June 19, 2021 — Christine Yip
Cashmere Production: 2 Indicators, 1 Standard - Cashmere & Silk

Cashmere Production: 2 Indicators, 1 Standard

I. Physical indicators of cashmere products 1.The amount of cashmere contentA quality cashmere sweater should have a 100% cashmere content. However, due to the mutation of cashmere itself (production of small amounts of coarse fibres), and external impurities (such as grass thorns, foreign fibres, wool and other factor
June 09, 2021 — Christine Yip
Cashmere - The Origin - Cashmere & Silk

The Origin of Cashmere

Cashmere, or pure cashmere, is a rare and specialised animal fibre, the finest of textile materials. Cashmere & Silk is the rarest of cashmere, so light and warm that it pushes the limits of touch and can be easily distinguished with your fingertips, even with your eyes closed.
June 04, 2021 — Christine Yip